Nike Swoosh Wristbands 2 Pack - White

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by Nike
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When the heat of the game rises, stay dry with Nike Swoosh wrist bands. These machine washable 3" wrist bands absorb and wick away moisture fast when you really need it. Sold in pairs.

  • Embroidered Swoosh logo
  • 3" width
  • Easy care - machine washable
  • 74% cotton, 21% nylon, 3% rubber, 2% spandex
How to Find Your Tennis Racket Grip Size
US SizesEuropean SizesSizes in Millimeters
4-1/8 inches1103-106 mm
4-1/4 inches2106-110 mm
4-3/8 inches3110-113 mm
4-1/2 inches4113-118 mm

Junior Tennis Racket Size

21" Racket23" Racket25" Racket26" Racket 
75% Slower Ball50% Slower Ball25% Slower BallNormal Ball

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