Nike Pro Swoosh Headband 2.0 - Red

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by Nike
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Play hard to the final whistle with this Nike Pro Swoosh headband. This headband is the perfect accessory to keep moisture out of your eyes no matter how high the heat rises.

Nike Swoosh logo

Jaquarded Nike Pro elastic with added silicone holds hair in place for secure fit

Total relaxed opening 44cm

2cm width

56% nylon, 21% polyester, 13% silicone, 10% spandex

How to Find Your Tennis Racket Grip Size
US SizesEuropean SizesSizes in Millimeters
4-1/8 inches1103-106 mm
4-1/4 inches2106-110 mm
4-3/8 inches3110-113 mm
4-1/2 inches4113-118 mm

Junior Tennis Racket Size

21" Racket23" Racket25" Racket26" Racket 
75% Slower Ball50% Slower Ball25% Slower BallNormal Ball

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