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Babolat Pulsion All Court Tennis Shoes Kids - Blue/Yellow

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Brand Babolat

Designed with club players in mind, Babolat Pulsion All Court shoes are for players who want plenty of comfort and support from a shoe that also offers incredible value for money.

Thanks to the Michelin outsole, this shoe gives longer lasting performance and the TI-Fit technology gives you incredible support and stability, ensuring you stay balanced and in control as you play your shots.

  • Optimized traction and durability thanks to the exclusive Michelin outsole.
  • Developed in collaboration with Michelin researchers and directly inspired by road rally tires 
  • Outsoles are designed to give players longer lasting exception performance.
  • The outsole's shape and thickness, specific sculptures and rubber make-up are all important variables that make the outsoles of Babolat tennis shoes outstanding.
  • Comfortable feel from the first time you slip into them thanks to the new TI-Fit.
  • Optimal material distribution based on tennis players' footwork, the new Ti-Fit (Tennis Inside) features provide strategically positioned support (heel, instep, forefoot) for precise, sure footing and comfortable flexing and bending of the foot.
  • Flexible upper thanks to the ultra-supple materials.
How to Find Your Tennis Racket Grip Size
US SizesEuropean SizesSizes in Millimeters
4-1/8 inches1103-106 mm
4-1/4 inches2106-110 mm
4-3/8 inches3110-113 mm
4-1/2 inches4113-118 mm

Junior Tennis Racket Size

21" Racket23" Racket25" Racket26" Racket 
75% Slower Ball50% Slower Ball25% Slower BallNormal Ball

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